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[RSS] Equipment upgrade doubts

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Hi, I've been shooting for a while (near 3 years) mainly self taught, with a basic training. I use a samic privilege riser with sf axiom limbs and sight, and a sf premium plunger. I'm looking to upgrade my setup mainly because I want to start to compete. I've seen that some people recommend to upgrade the riser first, so I've been looking into some options. My budget for the upgrade is around 1000 dollars top (stretching it a bit). So I'd like to ask for recommendations on whether is a good idea to upgrade, or what to upgrade first and budget allocation for an upgrade. Thanks in advance EDIT: Currently I have Avalon tec one arrows, and use sf axiom stabilizers front and side, my finger tab and arm guard are both on the change list due to them being worn off with use. I'm currently training in my backyard due to the quarantine and try to shoot between 150-300 arrows daily at 10 meters due to space limitations, normally I train at outdoors between 20 and 40 meters. The reason for riser is mainly due to the fact that mine doesn't offer much in tuning/personalization (don't know if it's the right term) and me reading online that it's normally one of the parts one should invest more at the start. submitted by /u/Chuenchu95
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